What We Do

Cornerstone Legacies Foundation works to help make doing good deeds easier for others. We partner with businesses and nonprofits to aid them with their goals of improving society. We also work to help make it easier for individuals to give back to their community.

Nonprofit Services

We aim to help make it easier for others to perform good works by providing nonprofits with guidance and assistance.

  • Assessment of your organization
    • Have us assess your organizational processes.
    • Draft and review a report with the leadership of your organization.
    • Assist with implementing recommended improvements / enhancements.
  • Board / Volunteer Development
    • Assessment of current sources of Board members and volunteers.
    • Develop a recruiting plan for getting new volunteers and Board members, and put it into action.
    • Develop written volunteer and Board member expectations.
    • Provide organizations with educational sessions addressing Board member responsibilities and duties, as well as engagement.
    • Work with area businesses / corporations to invite employees to become volunteers and / or Board members.
  • Annual Appeals
    • Develop the Case Statement / purpose on which an Appeal would be conducted, and what the funds would be used for.
    • Organizing donor data necessary to run an Appeal.
    • Identify donors most likely to participate in an Appeal.
    • Develop "ask" amount each donor should be invited to contribute.
    • Properly recording and acknowledging gifts made through Appeals.
  • Coordinate & Organize Events
    • Assess past events for potential continuation, or develop new events.
    • Identify volunteers, or sources of volunteers, to help organize an event.
    • Identify donors most likely to participate in an event.
    • Develop ways donors to your organization can best be invited to contribute through an event.
    • Properly recording and acknowledging gifts made through the event.
  • Capital Campaigns
    • Develop the Case Statement on which a Capital Campaign would be run
    • Organizing donor data necessary to run a Capital Campaign
    • Identify donors most likely to participate in a Capital Campaign, and identify the phase in which they should be solicited.


For more info on any of these services contact us.

Environmental Initiatives

We work to help others succeed in developing environmental initiatives through environmental education.

  • Environmental Projects
    • Have us assist with an educational program for your teams environmental initiative.
    • Learn about Nonprofits and other community members avalable to partner with you on your project.
  • Building Renovations
    • Education on steps to take when looking at a green renovation.
    • Learn about current information and sources.
  • Project Funding Assistance (For our Nonprofit partners)
    • Help identifying potential grants.
    • Available funds from Cornerstone Legacies Foundation for nonprofits who apply.
  • Corporate Volunteering
    • Available for both big and small groups.
    • Get help scheduling employee volunteer days where all members of your business can have the opportunity to help the environment.
  • Refurbished Computers
    • Refurbished computers and other tech hardware available to eligiable nonprofits for free.
    • By reusing working computers we reduces the amount of resources needed to build new ones.
    • If an eligible 501c3 please reach out with any tech needs.
  • Recycling
    • Why, Where, How?


For more info on any of these services contact us.


Cornerstone Legacies Foundation has helped a wide range of partners work to further their mission. If you would like help with the mission of your nonprofit or business, feel free to contact us. If you would like to help further the missions of the organizations listed below, please consider making a donation to Cornerstone Legacies Foundation so we can continue to aid others in doing good works.

Community Partners:

Friend for Life, A Cancer Support Network

In February 2014, we were asked by the Board of Friend for Life to assist them, beginning with an organizational assessment. This assessment was completed, and specific recommendations were made to help the organization. We assisted Friend for Life with implementing these recommendations, as is our practice, versus handing them recommendations to self-implement. In the Fall of 2014, Friend for Life asked us to assist them with restarting an Annual Appeal drive. We helped them cultivate a donor list, identify those that would be appropriate to invite to make a gift, and then helped them assign specific gift amounts, based on prior gifts, that they should ask for in the appeal. The appeal was successful, and the staff at Friend for Life have taken on the annual task of the appeal themselves since 2014. In early 2015, we were asked to help FFL with organizing their annual dinner event, Evening with Friends. We took on the coordinator role, helping organize the volunteers, and their tasks.  We also aided with coordination of venue planning, assessing and implementing audio-visual needs, the event program format, and an event timeline and script.  We helped with the assignment of items to their live or silent auctions, including starting bid amounts. The 2015 event raised the highest amount ever for the event, greatly helping FFL financially. We have continued as the event coordinator for the 2016 year, raising even more than the 2015 net. We are now assisting them with a handoff of the event to organization volunteers, using an event plan cultivated over the course of the 2015 and 2016 event planning cycles.

Operation: PARENT

Operation: PARENT reached out to us in the Fall of 2014. They had been using another company to build and maintain their website. They were looking to have someone else take on this role, as well as hosting of the site, as the prior company was shifting away from web development work. We asked RFX Technologies to rebuilt the site on their servers, as well as to begin hosting, and providing support for the site. During this process, they described frustration they were having with the online application they'd been using for purchases, event registration, and donations, not all of which could be processed by a single user, in a single transaction. We helped them assess their needs, and then implement a solution using Neon CRM. RFX then integrated this solution into their current website, and Cornerstone assisted them with importing their current donor and financial records into Neon. We continue to offer them support for Neon, and RFX continues to provide them with website support.

Our Lady of Lourdes - Lourdes Legacy Committee

Our Lady of Lourdes, beginning in the Spring of 2014, asked us to help their Legacy Committee with a new initiative. This committee had been successful with cultivating donors to the parish Legacy Fund, in support of their parish school. Now they wanted to step up this effort, targeting school alumni specifically, and not just the current parish community. With the help of RFX, current e-mail addresses were gathered to help reach school alumni. We then began designing and sending out quarterly electronic newsletters via e-mail to the e-mail base we developed. We have assisted them with growing their alumni e-mail list by 33%. In late 2015, the committee decided to take on planning for a special event to raise money specifically for the Legacy Fund. We assisted the committee with event planning and the event, a first for this parish community, raised over $30,000. We are already planning the 2017 event!

Paws with Purpose

In July 2015, a Board member of Paws with Purpose contacted us to meet with their Board, and discuss ways we can help their organization. Over the course of several months, we worked together with PWP to develop a list of their primary objectives. We then assisted them in narrowing the list to their primary goal: Enhancing their donor base, through use of a formal database/ CRM application, as well as then enhancing their donor list. We have assisted them with studying three CRM applications, and choosing the best of these three for their needs. We then helped them implement their choice, Neon CRM, clean up their data list, and then import that list into Neon. As of June 2016, they followed up to tell us how happy they are with their new database, how much it is helping them track donors, communicate with them, and bring all donor data into one system. They have now asked us to help them partner with RFX Technologies to design a new website, and implement other technology-based solutions that will help them streamline processes, and centralize their data into cloud-based solutions that will help staff and volunteers access critical forms, and data. Once this has been completed, we can assist them with their continued efforts to cultivate new donors, volunteers, and corporate sponsors to further their mission.

Ministries United of South Central Louisville (MUSCL)

In June 2014, The Executive Director of Ministries United of South Central Louisville asked us to provide her guidance to help their organization. We assisted MUSCL apply for a grant through the Community Foundation of Louisville, as well as with ways to achieve greater Board participation, and recruitment of area businesses. In addition to providing this assistance, we connected them with RFX Technologies to transfer the MUSCL website to their hosting services, and they also donated the MUSCL.org domain as a gift to the organization.