The Story of Cornerstone Legacies Foundation.

I believe it has been said, “every good story should have a beginning a middle and an end” – you happen to be reading this story at the beginning! There is still a lot ahead and many chapters that have yet to be written.  We hope that as you begin to read our story you will not just sit on the sidelines but that you will make several appearances in our story as it unfolds.

Like most not for profit stories, they usually start with someone wanting to do something good for others. What that something good is and who it will serve, well that depends on the people dreaming up the story.


Bart Bushong (that’s me) and Adam Wilson (that’s my business partner) wanted to do just that – something good. The problem was…. What that was and who it would be for was a mystery even to us, the first authors of the story. After several attempts to figure out the story - including some prayers, conversations with family members, lawyers and many others… like most great stories – it sat unwritten.  Not for a lack of wanting to do something good, we just had not journeyed far enough to have the right characters come together to help write the story.

Chapter 1

Fast forward several years (2014) and on the scene, arrives one of our main characters – Michael Erskine (Our Executive Director). Michael, over his super cool career, had helped several not for profits in a variety of areas. With a main character, we could now start writing… Cornerstone Legacies Foundation had begun doing good in the disguise of a business that helped not for profits – we now had a little direction as we began moving toward Chapter 2 with purpose thanks to Michael.

Chapter 2

Fast forward a couple more years (2016) and onto the scene arrives another of our main characters – James Russell Bushong (Our Director). While James was wrapping up his college degree, he was able to make a huge impact on the environment through an effort that he was able to spearhead on his own. (We will save that story for another time). With James on board he added a whole other perspective on how we could do good.

Chapter 3

In 2017 Cornerstone Legacies Foundation received its 501 (c)(3) status. With the combined visions of James and Michael, and the desire of Adam and Bart to do something good - our story begins…

In Dedication – to our families, the team members at RFX Technologies, and all those who we have met on our journey that have inspired us to do something good.

Executive Director: Michael Erskine

Michael is a Louisville native. He is married to his wife Judi, and they have two adult children, Emily and Joseph. After graduating from St. Xavier High School in Louisville, he went to college at Xavier University in Cincinnati, graduating with a BSBA in Labor Relations / Human Resources. After graduation, he moved back to Louisville.

He chose his major in college based on a desire to help people, as well as a fascination with the law. Upon graduation from Xavier, he began work in the service sector and has remained dedicated to helping others for over 25 years.

Michael’s primary focus for the past 15 years has been working with nonprofit organizations to help them achieve their fundraising goals. This has helped further develop his love of helping organizations realize their dreams through fundraising.

Michael is involved in his church community at Our Lady of Lourdes, civic activities as an officer and club member with the Kiwanis Club of Louisville. He is also proud to serve as a Board member with the Kiwanis Club of Louisville.

Director: James Russell Bushong

James was born and raised in Louisville. He is married to his best friend Lauren. After graduating from Trinity High School, he went to college at Bellarmine University, graduating with a Major in Business Administration and a Minor in Environmental Studies.

He chose his major to develop a better understanding of the relationship between our economy and planet. He hopes to help his community by pairing business and sustainability in a way that takes present and future stakeholders into full consideration.

James has worked with both government and nonprofit groups in an attempt to develop his community. He’s worked to spearhead new recycling programs within Louisville’s Metro government and continually looks for ways to be involved in helping the people of Louisville.

James is involved in the nonprofit group Louisville Grows, where he serves as a Board member and citizen forester helping to rebuild the urban tree canopy in Louisville. During his time at Bellarmine he worked to get his campus recognized as a Tree Campus USA. He also Volunteers at the Louisville Nature Center working in their front gardens and leading groups on nature hikes.

Board of Directors

We thank our fantastic board on their commitment to helping further our mission. If you are interested in participating in our board, please reach out to us through our contact page.

Our Board Members Are: